Breathe Better 
Breathe Fresher

Our revolutionary personal air filtering device is optimized to provide optimal airflow while filtering incoming air particles

Fresh Technology

Breathe Better

Our customer all agree. This lightweight device is comfortable to wear and easy to breathe in

Breathe Cleaner

The HEPA and carbon filter systems eliminate harmful airborne microbes, pollutants and bacteria 

Droplet Protection

Get protection for yourself and others against the increasingly unhealthy air quality

It's Super Lightweight

State of The Art Filtering System

2 Speed Fan

Whether you are walking or working out, the fan can be used at a low or high speed

Filters Air

Filter out harmful pollutants, bacteria, pollen and other airborne particles

Blocks Contaminants

The design stops outside contaminants from coming in or out of the mask


Powered by a Long-Lasting Rechargeable and Small Lithium Ion Battery

I can breathe easily and freely. It's comfortable and the air I'm breathing is noticeably fresher"

– Erica S, Personal Trainer

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