Sanitize Your Masks

Bacteria Grows on Our Masks Overnight and Continues to Thrive. Keeping a Clean Mask is Important and an Added Peace of Mind. The idea of Washing our Masks with our Underwear and Dirty Clothes, then putting it on our Faces doesn't sound too Clean. 


Added Protection

Masks Collect Bacteria

Our Bodies Naturally Carry Bacteria, the problem is, these Bacteria's Grow and Become Harmful when Un-Sterilized

Washing Isn't Good

Studies have found that Washing Machines actually Spread Bacteria. The Temperatures needed to Disinfect would damage clothing

UV Light Kills 

Studies have Concluded that UV Light is one of the best Defenses to Kill Bacteria and Viruses on Surfaces and Cloth



Cell Phones

Our Hands Touch a Lot of Dirty Things, It's Impossible to Wash Our Hands Every Time We Touch our Phones. 

Car Keys

Same as our phones. Touching Door Handles and Gas Pumps can add up. Further Protection by Cleaning Keys


Another Item that is on our hands and Wrists all Day can be Sanitized with our UV Sanitizer, Easily & Safely 

"It's Simple. Easy and Even Charges My Phone. I Will Buying Another for The Office Shortly!"

– Chris. M

"This Device Zaps my Masks, Phone and Rings Clean. Everyone in my Family Has One Now"

– Nancy J.